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Laine Magazine - Issue Eighteen - Autumn 2023

Laine Magazine - Issue Eighteen - Autumn 2023

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Issue 18 Laine Magazine Autumn 2023

Our beautiful autumn issue is here! In Laine 18 — called Weekend Getaway — we take time to relax in a little cottage by the forest. The versatile and comfortable knits are suited for both indoors and outdoors, and they are the perfect addition to your wardrobe as the days get colder.

Designers featured in this issue: Jenny Ansah, Marcela Chang, Melissa Clulow, Emma Ducher, Jenna Kostet, Ksenia Naidyon, Olga Putano, Tiia Reho, Anna Sjösvärd and Julia Wilkens.

Laine is a tri-annual, high-quality knitting magazine that draws influence from the
beauty of the every-day – from the serenity of nature to the buzz of a big city, from
your mother’s old sweaters to modern street styles. We cherish natural fibres and want
to create timeless, long-lasting garments. Laine includes patterns by both leading and
new designers, insightful stories from the fibre arts community, seasonal recipes and
strong, visual storytelling.

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