West Knits - Contrast Blast Socks

West Knits - Contrast Blast Socks

Well once again I've been swept up in the crowd and have jumped on the bandwagon for another Stephen West Knit along!

It doesn't take a lot of persuasion to encourage me to knit at the best of times, but I am especially fond of socks. I've had a whole run of people popping into the shop to purchase yarn for this mystery knit along and I just couldn't help but starting to consider what yarn I would use if I did join in.

I still haven't chosen my yarn yet - I've spent most of today trying different colours next to each other in an effort to make a decision. But I have remembered a little trick I learned a fair few years when I was learning to knit colourwork for helping to choose colours, which I think will be especially helpful for this project.

As Stephen recommends two contrasting solid/semi solid yarns, I think it will be important that the colours you choose really do contrast with each other. A simple trick to check how contrasting the yarns really are is to snap a photo of them together and to pop a black and white filter on it.

As you can see here, the yarns might look different enough but in black and white the tone of them is very similar, not to say these wouldn’t work you just wouldn’t get so much of a pop.

Whereas this is better pair as you can really see they haven’t different tones.

photo of two different colours of yarn in skeins, one is a bright green one is a dark navy, the photo shows the image in colour and black and white

I’m pretty much decided on using Socks Yeah! as it’s such a great sock yarn, but I’m very far from making a colour choice, this is my current favourite - Helium and Benitoite.

I have the full range of Socks Yeah! in the shop if you’re thinking of joining in with the MKAL, and need to purchase yarn, you can come down and see the yarn in real life or if you would like to purchase online but are unsure of colours just shoot me a message and I take photos of the colours together to help you get an idea of how they’ll look.

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